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Imagine this...

You’ve just landed your ideal prospect and secured, what could be the appointment of a lifetime.

You begin committing time, money, and energy into discovering all you can know about the ‘future client’.

After tirelessly curating the perfect proposal, you are ready to present.

In your best outfit, you pitch your offer while feeling confident the sweat, the heart, and the tears you poured into it will reward you with success.

They want the weekend to think about it and agree to have an answer by next Tuesday.

Now, you wait...

You spend ALL weekend thinking about your proposal and their decision.

Tuesday finally arrives, you are fearful to pick up the phone to make your follow-up with this prospect.​

Your heart pounds as you ask yourself, “What is going to happen?”

And then you hear the awful reality... The sale goes to the man with a three-piece suit and a football story...

This might not be imaginary; this might be a reality for you.

Do you know how I know? Because I have...

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I have done all that work.

And my work has been stolen and passed into the unearned hands of a man.

My name is Victoria Woods.

​I've successfully built three businesses that have risen to become flourishing empires.

Trained over 300 women.

​Mentored dozens of women that have achieved top producer status as business owners.

Two of my mentees even recruited their own husbands!!

I have learned the mindset that allowed me to dominate my secret weapon.​

At this point in my stellar career, I have a burning desire to share ALL THAT I HAVE LEARNED, for the first time EVER!!

​Here are a few things people are saying...

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You will receive 30 days of tips, strategies, and real action-based exercises designed to enhance your skills as a top sales professional.

What You Will Learn

How to dominate your self talk, professionally and personally.

Face adversity like a lady, but mean it like a man.

Stay motivated to sell your product/services.

And, above all else >>> GENERATE REVENUE.

If you complete the full 30 days of the challenge and you aren’t feeling confident with your results, let me know and I will refund your full investment.

How is the How to Outsell the Boys In 30 Days or Less Challenge delivered?

We make this easy for you.

The email address you use during sign up will be the email address we send your daily assignments.

If you need to change it, no problem.

Just email us at and we can easily make the switch.

Can I begin implementing these steps along the way?

Yes! And, we hope you do!

This course is all about mastering the mindset of a Top Sales Producer. Each day you will get closer to revealing your Secret Weapon.

You will be given techniques and tips that will start guiding you from Day 1.

When does it start and how long do I have access?

This course will start on Monday, August 10th, 2020.

1) You will have access to the emails forever!

2) The real life responses will be conducted weekly, and emailed back to you.

3) The insight, confidence and momentum you will gain will last as long as you commit yourself to becoming the Top Sales Producer!

Why are you called the Financial Diva and offering Sales Training?

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